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Name:New Babylon // network
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Community description:A panfandom cyberpunk roleplaying game set in the dystopic arcology New Babylon.

“I believe that this wonderful metropolis is the jewel of civilization, a beacon of light in the midst of our postwar era. We have come so far from the darkest days of eternal winter, raising up the very Tower of Babel from the unforgiving earth. The sunlight that we cast beneath the Dome may be artificial, but the aspirations we have built this city on are genuine. I vow that those dreams will be realized. Our commerce will continue to thrive, our technologies will be even more innovative and exciting, our society ever more civil and nurturing. I am here to serve you, the people of this city, to ensure that we will live up to the great cosmopolitan vision of Babylon - one people, one mind, and one heart. [...]”
- Melinda Wai, mayor of New Babylon | acceptance speech

“The New Babylon Alliance party has swept the polls yet again this year, and leading the charge is mayor-elect Melinda Wai, who ran on a platform of unity and continuing prosperity. Voter turnout was at a record high as citizens from all walks of life came out to have their voices heard. [...]”
- Marcel Konstantin, political correspondent, The Tower | opinion column

“What the fuck ever. We all know what ‘all walks of life’ means in this shitty excuse for a democracy. It means the people who matter, and that means the guys in swanky suits with cold fistfuls of credits in their greedy hands. The rest of us can fuck off and go work the hellhole tunnels Down Below for all they care. What’s a human being, when you can stick a bio-heart inside your chest and keep yourself pumping for another hundred years? Nothing’s sacred anymore, if it ever was.”
- Jasper, a hacker | 8088 forum posting

“The subject remains stable, and will be placed under observation for 3 days before we conduct further testing. Reanimation techniques like this in humans are still in the experimental stages, but we believe Subject 0225 will be a breakthrough for regenerative medicine and memory implant mechanisms. [...]”
- Katia Romescu, chemical engineer, Alden Pharmaceuticals | internal report

“You build too high and someone’s bound to notice. You tinker around enough with the intricacies of the human body and you mess with things beyond your comprehension. Artificial hearts. Software downloadable straight to your brain. Neural jacks keeping you plugged in to the network 24/7. Technology is invading your space, your mind, and your body. Do you remember giving it permission?”
- Anonymous, an activist | Evergreen online flyer

“Technical glitch. That’s what I am, apparently. That’s just great. I’ve always wanted to be a glitch. Maybe one day I can grow up into something bigger, like a worm or a virus. Cause all kinds of ruckus and fun times. How would you like that, bitches?”
- Anonymous, a visitor | etanon forum posting

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New Babylon is a panfandom roleplaying game set in a cyberpunk world, with multiverse elements inspired in part by Roger Zelazny's The Chronicles of Amber. The action centers in and around the dystopic arcology New Babylon, one of the last bastions of civilized humanity left in a post-apocalyptic wasteland blanketed by nuclear winter.

Characters can be either offworlders who have been pulled to New Babylon via an ‘experimental glitch,’ or natives who have lived their entire lives in the city; how they cope with life in New Babylon is up to them, whether they choose to carve a life out for themselves in their (new) home, or uncover the truths hidden in back alleys and boardrooms and behind corporate firewalls, or something in-between.

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